Additional Organic Services

Restore or maintain a chemical-free lawn.

DigRightIn Landscaping naturally maintains organic lawns with these services:

  • Spring and fall cleanups prepare your yard for the coming seasons
  • Nematode applications to control a variety of lawn pests
  • Hourly services such as pruning and hand weeding
  • Organic Top Dressing: High-quality compost mixed with grass seed improves the condition of your soil, increases water retention (and drought resistance), adds nutrients and thickens your lawn.
  • Complete Lawn Rehabilitation: In extreme cases, a comprehensive treatment program is required to overhaul your lawn to be chemical-free, naturally healthy and 100% organic.
  • Smart Watering: Organic lawns only need 1-inch of water per week. We’ll show you how to ideally water using your own sprinklers.
  • Home Composting: As easy as recycling. Learn how to capture lawn, garden and kitchen organic matter with affordable composting systems.

Ready to go chemical free?

DigRightIn specializes in organic lawn care services and techniques.

Ask for details, we are continuously learning and incorporating new techniques as new information becomes available.