Organic Lawn Care

Reduce your exposure to chemicals for a healthy yard.

For  a naturally healthy outdoor living space, the DigRightIn Back-to-Nature™ Lawn Care Program is the cutting-edge service for your yard. We understand the science and the techniques of organic lawn care necessary to get beautiful, natural results.

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Angie’s List posted an interview with Jeff Swano about Organic Lawn Care –  read the full story.

Organic Lawn Care

DigRightIn Landscaping’s unique organic lawn care methods:

  • Organic lawn care consists of soil improvements, smart maintenance, and additional practices to naturally grow a lush lawn and combat weeds, disease and insects.
  • DigRightIn produces our 100% organic Earth’s Original™ compost tea at our facility in Westchester using organic compost sourced from the Chicago metropolitan area.  In this way, we feed the soil to feed your plants.

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Back to Nature™ Care Program

  • A soil test analysis determines a customized Back-to-Nature™ Lawn Care plan and recommendations for your yard.
  • Smart Mowing  DigRightIn Landscaping lawn mower’s cutting height is set to at least 3-inches to maintain a taller grass blade to develop stronger roots and shade out weeds.  Clippings are integrated into the lawn to recycle nutrients and add beneficial organic matter.
  • Spring Preliminary Treatment One An application of corn gluten-based product prevents weed seeds from germinating and provides an initial boost of nitrogen.
  • Seasonal Soil Feeding Three applications of our Earth’s Original™ compost tea tailored to the season’s growing conditions. Also great for shrubs, perennial plants and vegetable gardens.
  • Core Aeration This technique “fluffs up” your soil to improve water and air circulation vital for deep root development, drought resistance, weed control and thick grass.

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