When to Water

Updated 8/10/18 at 8:00 a.m. Watering advice does not take into account weather forecasts. 

Rainfall* Over the past seven days has been around widely variable with 0.75” south and 2.0” north of our service area.

Established lawns: Do not need water.  Try to provide a 3-week period of not watering to induce drought stress to the grass, which forces the plant to grow deeper roots. You really want this!  If you must water, provide one-inch per week all at one watering.

Recently sodded lawns (within the last 4 weeks):  Follow your watering schedule or resume on 8/11.

Established perennial beds: No need to water, but monitor for wilting and water accordingly.

Recently installed perennial beds (within last 12 weeks): Follow your watering schedule.

Established trees & shrubs: No need to water.

Recently installed trees & shrubs (within last 12 weeks):  Follow your watering instructions.

Established rain gardens: No need to water.

Recently installed rain gardens (within the last 8 weeks): Follow your watering instructions, but avoid over-watering when rain is in the forecast.  Best to wait and water if it doesn’t actually rain.

*Rain data from NOAA / NWS. All measurements approximate to the digrightin service area (Oak Park [N] to Burr Ridge [S] and Riverside [E] to Downers Grove [W]). Your actual rainfall amount may be different. Watering schedules are provided to customers by digrightin.