Service Updates

Maintenance Schedule:

Our mowing service is underway, we are currently wrapping up the first application of Organic grub control and gearing up for our 2nd application of Compost Tea Treatment. To inquire about services:  Call us at 708-485-1234 or email

Installation Schedule:

The following is the current queue of construction projects, and an estimated start-work date (if possible): This information is provided as a general indicator of the order in which projects will be served. Only digrightin determines the actual start date and order of projects, which is greatly influenced by weather conditions (rain and heat delays), materials availability, permitting agencies, and current project needs and, therefore, will most likely change.

Changes to the schedule below can occur without notice and without being reflected here. We will try to notify you within 24 hours of your actual start date.  We appreciate your patience during weather related delays.

HINT: When J.U.L.I.E. comes out to mark your yard, your project is roughly 2-4 days out.


Contract Number Town Anticipated Start Date
18124 Western Springs August 2018
18123 Western Springs Underway
18113 LaGrange wk of 8/6/18
18140 LaGrange wk of 8/6/18
18102 LaGrange Completed
18098 Hinsdale Underway
18152 Hinsdale Underway
18154 Western Springs Underway
18208 Hinsdale Underway
18219 Western Springs Underway
181211 LaGrange Park Underway
18224 Oak Park October 2018
18223 Oak Park Underway
18241 La Grange wk 8/13/18
18221 Western Springs Underway
18191 Lombard August 2018
18200 Elmhurst Underway
18214 Oak Park Underway
18170 Hinsdale August 2018
18216 LaGrange Park wk of 8/6/18
18238 LaGrange Park wk of 8/6/18
18236 Western Springs Underway
18237 Burr Ridge Underway
18203 River Forest August 2018
18233 La Grange August 2018
18240 Oak Park August 2018
18120 Oak Park August 2018
18188 Elmhurst August 2018
18201 Downers Grove August 2018
18202 Downers Grove August 2018
18276 Western Springs August 2018
18256 LaGrange Park August 2018
18257 Orland Park August 2018


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